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October  2020        Montreal

        Indice de Développement Humain

February  2020        Rio de Janeiro

        Is incest between infertile adult siblings morally reprehensible? 

June 24 2020        SFX

March 17 2020          Rio de Janeiro

        After partying in the weekend I finally went out around my neighbourhood with the camera. It’s summer, the flowers are booming just as they would during Autumn, Winter or Printemps. I’m dressed as a gringo to justify the unusual behaviour and maybe because I am becoming one. It’s a huge camera,everyone looks at it. Two people tell me to be careful - ‘ouais, t’inquiètes, tô ligadão’. The weather cleared up so I decided to go for a quick dive. Zuka was there, I made a couple of portraits of his, laid down on the sand, reminded myself how this ritual has been part of my life for so long, then walked back home. As I arrived, my ninety five y.o grandma was crying alone in her room. Someone called, she said, saying that they were going to kill everybody. I called my relatives, made sure they were ok and calmed her down. It was a beautiful day.

January 16 2020        Montréal

        Désolé(e), disconsolate, desolate. External and internal landscapes. What’s the relation between this country’s territorial vastness and its people’s overpolitesse? It is a stereotype, but true nonetheless. I don’t recall of any other example of such explicit correlation between territorial and personal space. How does nature affect human nature? Studying proxemics might help. The apology act was introduced in Canada in 2009, as a measure to give lawyers a fair chance defending clients who were never guilty but apologized all the same. Make a series, call it IDH.


Lá, que sempre foi aqui
Já não o é
É là-bas
Cá, que era là-bas
Chui lá
Lá é aqui
Cá é lá
Là é cá
É aí que je suis

January 16 2020        Rio de Janeiro

Mom told me today that grandma’s caretaker found her lying on the floor in the morning and thought she was dead. When asked what happened my grandma couldn’t tell, she didn’t realize she’d spent the night on the floor with no pillow, which she readily asked for as soon as my mom got there to check on her. After that, my mom decided to bring her back home. Now they’re living together. My father and brothers all left. No one could take the smell of decay. Her body is excrementing itself. It’s very sad and hard to be around. I remember when she used to take care of me. I loved playing cards and watching novelas with her. She’s been watching Tennis on TV for some years now. I doubt that she can even see the ball but she loves it, especially Roger Federer. She always asks if I keep on playing just to tell me that I look like him.

January 16 2020        Montréal

Axellemongrass and Pole explore the different ways memories and affects, the other-than-human and geographies of life-course transitions can be performed and documented. Through digital recombination of traditional portraiture and local vegetation, the images examine relationships affected by my cultural passage as well as place as meeting point and site of cultural and natural intersection.

March  2020        Rio de Janeiro

                All the brushes in the drawer - digital paintings.

January 2018        Montréal

Second projection mapping workshop at Concordia Uni. for the Intermedia BFA.

   August 2018        Montréal

Live Démo for SAT’s Bourse Euterke recorded in August 2018. Audio excerpt from Bamboo Hermann’s live set on Piknik Elektronic, Montréal 10/09/2017. 

   May June 2018        Madrid

Iras Fajro Live AV Perf with Yamila Rios @ El Matadero Madrid

El lunes 11 de Junio 2018, Yamila Rios y el artista visual Gabriel Fuks presentaron en AVAM Matadero el resultado de su primera colaboración. En esta conjunción de fuerzas se han unido para conceptualizar el universo visual del directo del álbum debut de Yamila, Iras Fajro, 11 temas que rugen orquestados por una voz paradójicamente frágil. En el escenario, Yamila (voz, violoncello y electrónica) y Lucía Rey (voz y teclados) desplegaron un entramado de sonidos electrónicos e instrumentos acústicos frente a los complejos piélagos que, como islas perdidas, se distorsionan empujados por la fuerza de la música.

December 2018        Montréal

First experiments opening LCD screens and inserting objects.

   May 2018        Montréal

Visual experiment developed during the workshop After Effects as a synthesizer for IMCA 400. Native effects only. No imported media. No external plugins. No sound. Just After Effects.

August 2017        São Paulo

Video Installation for Dekmantel

   May 2016      São Paulo

Photo magazine for Samsung. Photographs, video, editing, motion and installation for the lunch party.

May 2016      Rio de Janeiro

Barriga no balcão is a series of product video reviews with a twist from Void General Store. I conceptualized, edited and animated the first 20 episodes of the series.

November 2015      Rio de Janeiro

Logo Design, animation and set design for the TV show ‘As Canções da Minha Vida’

September 2015      Rio de Janeiro

Internet Live - Live A/V Perf with Dedo @ Audio Rebel

August 2015      Rio de Janeiro

Fashion Film I shot, edited and finalized for Haight, featured in Vogue Magazine.

May 2013     Rio de Janeiro

Motion Graphics for Google street art project and Google tutorials while @ Grupo Sal.

April 2013     Rio de Janeiro

Motion Graphics for Instagram promo for Void. 

Screen Site (Remembering Lois)


Full HD 65’’ Led screen, altered 22” LED screens, all-weather extension cables, water dripping system.
Video Player, Water, Ruderal Plants. Synchronized, looped, sound. 2min
52.3’’ x 29.4’’ (132.8 x 74.7cm)

Screen Site (Remembering Lois) is a screen-reliant installation that rethinks media’s relationship to space through the investigation o the malleability of the screen, both a material object and a carrier of the immaterial. The work uses the digital screen as site and bordering territory of transformation, a hybrid space or an assemblage (De Landa), where material and spatial relations are co-created and interdependent and where the notions of division and encounter, permanence and fluidity can be explored.



Full HD video on 65’’ Led screen mounted on Wall
Sound, Video Player.
2min Looped.

Place Index


Digital C-print, Framed.
12 x 15 in (30 x 143cm)
Unique + 1AP

Premier Hiver                               


Single-channel Video Installation
Color / Stereo



Inkjet Print on Ultra Matte Paper
12000 x 18000 px (40 x 60 inches)



Dye sublimation on aluminum board.
6 x 11in (15 x 28cm)
Unique collection + Printed series

These are composed by the merging of satellite images of both the neighbourhoods I used to live in Rio and the one I currently live in Montreal. With the support the new Google Earth Studio, this exercise in geographical imagination that requires neither a camera nor leavin home, interrogates through its disembodied, machinic eye, the ways in which the digital machine can be considered as a convergent part of th construction of our social selves.

Feng Shui  


Site-specific Mapping Installation
Multi-channel projection mapping over found material.
460 x 200 x 175 cm

Feng Shui is a site-specific installation that occupies a borderline environment in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. It points out the excess in our society and the modifications in the port of Rio through the appropriation of the resources provided by the space itself together with internet media that comment on misappropriation, misoccupation and speculation.  


Handmade Photobook
Embossed Silk linen hardcover with tipped-in image, coptic binding
100 lb matte paper, 60 pages
8,5 x 11in (216 x 278mm)